Getting rid of programming JavaScript with Haskell

Jan 26, 2012 20:29 · 128 words · 1 minute read haskell javascript

For my Experimentation Project at Utrecht University I ported the “JCU” application to Haskell. The JCU application is used to give Dutch High school students the opportunity to taste Prolog.

The project uses the Utrecht Haskell Compiler and its JavaScript backend. The UHC translates Haskell to Core and then translates this Core language to JavaScript. For more information on this see the blog of the creator of the UHC JavaScript backend.

Please read my report on this project. The project is hosted on GitHub in the following repositories:

Incomplete proof in the HS JCU App Complete proof in the HS JCU App

update 28-01-2012: The keyword jscript in the UHC has been changed to js in order to avoid association with Microsoft’s JScript. Also new Object syntax is now available in the foreign import directives.

foreign import js "new Object()"
  newObject :: IO (JSPtr a)