Generic Text Markup with CSS

Mar 18, 2011 00:00 · 169 words · 1 minute read xhtml css latex open-source

Most of you are familiar with CSS reset scripts to reset CSS behaviour to something uniform across several browsers. I have been searching for a good CSS stylesheet that would do the same for the formatting of my text. That is, to give the text on a site a markup, suitable for reading. As a great fan of LaTeX this markup should follow the default markup of LaTeX as closely as possible.

As I could not find such a stylesheet I build my own. It probably is far from finished, although I tried to cover the most common cases in this script.

In time there will be a git repository that will contain test cases and updated versions of this stylesheet.

I tested this script in the presence of the Meyer CSS reset, but it should also work without any CSS Reset present, or together with other CSS reset stylesheets.

Please let me know (either by mail or a reply) if you have any remarks! {% gist 876971 %}