UUAG TextMate Bundle released

Mar 10, 2011 00:00 · 111 words · 1 minute read haskell uuagc textmate attribute-grammars

I’m proud to announce the release of the TextMate bundle for UUAG. It is currently very simple and is based on the Haskell TextMate bundle by Jamis Buck.

The only quirk is that you need to add --| after every sem block, otherwise TextMate will consider everything afterward Haskell code. This token is used to indicate the end of the Haskell code that officially starts after the =. This has the effect that every | before every Constructor is coloured blue. If you want to avoid this, insert --| after every definition.

sem Foo
  | Bar lhs.cafe = ...
  | Hotel lhs.desk = ...

Happy coding! (GitHub repository, develop: UUAG.tmbundle.tar.gz)