Extending the V in MVC

Apr 16, 2009 00:00 · 149 words · 1 minute read mvc codeigniter partials partial rss

A revised edition is available. There is now no more need to download the PDF.

Last year I wrote an article about extending some of the ideas in the View section of MVC. I propose to use Partials and to use Lay-outs. Lay-out is perhaps a term that should be better defined. I wrote this article after an implementation in CodeIgniter.

This article introduces the concept of Partials (small views that contain parts and are reusable) and the concept of Lay-outs, used for displaying the same information in different formats.

When I first started working with MVC it was with my own framework. After seeing that it would require to much time to maintain and develop my own framework I started the search for a free, fast and widely supported php web framework. I found this framework and its name is `CodeIgniter’. You can find it at www.codeigniter.com.