Adding COM(+) to Your Delphi Project

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If you’re struggling with your IDE to add an COM(+) object to your project you should look in the .drp file of your project. If you include ‘ComServ’ in the uses list you should be fine. :) Now you’re able to add an COM(+) object to your project using add->new.

Setting Up CodeIgniter - Basics

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In this post I’ll show how to set up CodeIgniter in a way that your code and configuration (passwords!) are safe. It will involve moving the “system” and “application” outside the (public) document root.

Seperating both <em>system</em>' and application’ has obvious advantages for maintainance and for reusibility. Using a seperate `www’ directory enables you to publish all your application specific JS/CSS and other public files.

Doctrine Meets CodeIgniter

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Anyone who has made websites in the past has encountered it. The endless bugging typing of SQL queries, always doing the same over and over again. This struggle is lightened by the use of frameworks or even complete CM-Systems. However, SQL query writing is still often needed.

To counter this (and other annoying pestering little details mongering), Object Relational Mappers were invented. Doctrine is a PHP implementation of the RoR ORM. And now it’s quite easy to merge CodeIgniter and Doctrine into one package.

Just follow the readme and continue your adventure.

Extending the v in MVC

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A revised edition is available. There is now no more need to download the PDF.

Last year I wrote an article about extending some of the ideas in the View section of MVC. I propose to use Partials and to use Lay-outs. Lay-out is perhaps a term that should be better defined. I wrote this article after an implementation in CodeIgniter.

This article introduces the concept of Partials (small views that contain parts and are reusable) and the concept of Lay-outs, used for displaying the same information in different formats.

When I first started working with MVC it was with my own framework. After seeing that it would require to much time to maintain and develop my own framework I started the search for a free, fast and widely supported php web framework. I found this framework and its name is `CodeIgniter’. You can find it at