lhs2TeX-hl Released

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After the first release of my tool on hackage this release actually is a working package. The previous one didn’t install out of the box.

The most important changes are:

  1. Added a filter for rewrite rules that aren’t “lhs2TeX safe”, e.g. format () = ...;
  2. I hardcoded the default formatting rules for several of lhs2TeX defaults, including but not limited to ->, <- and =>. This is not a desirable solution but it suits my purposes.

You can do literal (numeral, character and string) formatting easily with lhs2TeX itself with the following directives:

%subst char a    	= "\color{char}\text{\tt ''" a "''}"
%subst string a  	= "\color{string}\text{\tt \char34 " a "\char34}"
%subst numeral a =  "\color{numeral}{ " a " }"